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Renee Brown, former truck driver turned author/storyteller.

Renee Brown aka Grandma Polly has created the wonderful world of “The Big Rig Kids.” to showcase diversity and introduce the many adversities our children are facing today. She addresses uncommon, hard to talk about subjects in a child-friendly way. The Big Rig Kid (book) is now available and is the first in what is planned to be a series of 8 chapter books.

Renee uses sensory engaging conversation style storytelling with audiences as she transforms into Grandma Polly, one of the main characters of The Big Rig Kids. Grandma Polly presents The Big Rig Kids Storytime along with music by Mommy Mica Music. She incorporates dance movements to teach lifelong lessons to children of all ages.

Here books The Big Rig Kids will all end with some type of community service in which she encourages young children of all ages and adults alike. Through unity, acceptance and awareness we can all make a difference. WE ALL CAN BE BIG RIG KIDS!

When not writing, she enjoys family time with her husband, daughters and grandchildren.