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My first solo adventure outside my small rural community was via an old tattered book mama brought home for us. After reading the "The Big Rigs Kids" I was taken back to that youthful feeling of adventure and intrigue. 

The characters are so real.  Having grown up with a sister who had sickle cell anemia, I could identify with their struggles. The struggle for normalcy; the struggle to not be defeated by the constant pain and impending crisis; the struggle to be strong when life is hard; or the struggle to not appear weak. Although these kids have experienced hardships they've not lost their sense of wonder. 

Thank you Renee for reminding us that although life is not perfect it can still be fun. The not so perfect lives of these remarkably resilient kids resonate that fact. You have managed to invite and engage readers and listeners alike as they explore the world of "The Big Rig Kids". Real kids with real life issues, united through friendship with each other and of course Sapphire and grandma Polly! ~ Mary Tucker

About 6 months ago a lady name Renee Brown came into Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center to meet me after reading an article written by Black Wall Street . She shared her plan of writing a children's book that featured diverse characters all facing different challenges including birth defects, crohn's disease, Sickle Cell Disease and more. I thought it was such a great idea from children to be able to read and relate to characters that may face the same challenges. Today when I returned to work I found a signed copy of the Big Rig Kids! I can't wait to read it and share with my nephew who suffers from SCD. Thanks Renee Brown!Type your paragraph here.

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